Product lateral features comparison
Introduction of Nmenu
Nmenu is a Professional Web-based platform operator.It is a comprehensive management software that offers

resource management,

security protection and system maintenance for Internet cafes.

Three-tier Auto update
With approximately 2000G huge resources of games stored, the professional team is fully responsible for

providing, updating, and managing the resources of the game required for Internet cafes.

The three-tier architecture (P2P network-Internet cafe server-client) adopts distributed cluster data transmission mode to

enable Internet cafes to acquire game data quickly.

All the latest game data will be updated in Nmenu official website.
Automatic mesh Web engraving tools
The software's built-in net-engraving DOS tool can simulate hardware PXE boot,

simplify network card setup, restore and backup commands

that can be executed through the restore state.
Manage all disk
Cloud maintenance

1. Group management

2. game download

3. Boot task

4. security strategy

5. Information Release

6. Task log

7. Employee account

Remote Assistance

1 .ARP attack protection

2. Illegal process interception

3. Illegal window interception

4. Important process guard

5. Illegal driver interception

6. Danger Website Blocking

7. Security log

8. Import and export backup file

Comparison with other businesses
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