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Founded in October 2008, Agri Mind Sdn Bhd began its humble journey as a service provider and the mindset of constantly innovating to provide better services to clients. This eventually lead to undertakings in many different fields such as such as tech infrastructure, marketing strategies and event management.

Through such endeavours and strong relationships with clients, the company managed to also build a strong global network. This eventually lead to an appointment to be WangHeng Technologys exclusive partner in Southeast Asia in 2018, spearheading the offering of a cloud-based diskless solution named NMenu.
What We Do
Today, Agri Mind has fashioned itself into a solutions provider within the esports industry. We provide services ranging from events, tournaments, marketing, production and tech. Recently, Agri Mind was also appointed as the sole organizer for the World Electronic Sports Games in Southeast Asia (WESG SEA).
What We Believe
The core of our success lies in constant innovation and the strong relationships built throughout the years. This gives us both the insight and tools needed to act not only as service providers, but also enablers to achieve the goals of our clients. The needs of our clients become our needs. We believe that our nature to understand the needs of our clients brings us from good to great.